Ye’s biggest losses after his antisemitic remarks

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By Selija Achaya

Kanye west has been trending after his Paris fashion week show. Apart from the impressive designs on the runway.

Ye has been the most talked about person, especially with the anti-semantic comments he made on his Twitter. These comments have made people and companies pull out from business with him and this will result in losses.

Statements Kanye made that were considered anti-semitic

The rapper-turned-fashion mogul sparked controversy when he wore a black, long-sleeved shirt with the words White Lives matter across the back of the t-shirt.

These words were considered a white supremacist phrase and hate slogan all in one by the anti-defamation League.

His Jewish remarks

Kanye talked about how 50% of black fatalities are through abortion. He also added that ” It’s not the officer with the knee, it’s not gang violence and Black-on-Black violence, it’s not heart attacks, it’s abortion. The most hazardous location for a Black person in America is in their mother’s stomach.”

Kanye donned his White Lives Matter t-shirt

kanye also talked about when he had to go to the hospital and was served by a Jewish doctor.

Here is his hospital experience.

There was a Jewish trainer who took me to the hospital and told the press that I was there.” “A Jewish doctor diagnosed me,” West claimed, as Fridman pressed him on why he kept emphasizing the doctor’s Jewishness. “Because they were,” West explained. “They diagnosed me with bipolar illness and gave me medication.” Then run it through the press… And every time, even if I wore a hat that an n—er isn’t meant to wear, they instantly say, ‘he’s off his s-t, he’s off his medicines, he’s off his rocker.’ And it serves as a scarlet letter control mecha

Consequences of his remarks

His record label GOOD Music no longer part with Dej Fam

Ye had signed a 10-a album deal with Dej Fam a contract that he fulfilled after the release of his Donda album in August 2021.

As of October 16 this year, the renowned rapper is now a free agent. The label went as far as not distributing releases from the rappers Getting Out our dreams[G.O.O.D ] imprint.

Ye had a 10-album contract with Def Jam that was fulfilled after the release of “Donda” in August 2021. A person familiar with the deal confirmed to The Times on Oct. 16 that the rapper is now a free agent. The label is also reportedly no longer distributing releases from the rapper’s Getting Out Our Dreams (G.O.O.D.) imprint.

Balenciaga terminated their contract with him

The world brand fashion empire cut ties with Kanye. This is after having him on their runway in the Paris Fashion week show a day after Kanye wore a t-shirt with the fashion statement’ While Lives Matter. Balenciaga officially cut ties with Kanye on October 21.

The company officially cut ties with Kanye after the parent firm kering issued the statement ‘Balenciaga has no longer any relationship nor any plans for future projects related to this artist.”

His Talent agency cut ties with him

Reports from the Times on October 24 revealed that Kanye’s ties with talent agency CAA had been cut. This is because of Ye’s recent antisemitic outbursts in various interviews.

The talent agency had been representing Ye for touring and he had never toured since signing with them in 2016.


Ye’s trouble began months ago after calling out Adidas CEO for copying his design on his Instagram. But his termination from Adidas was after Ye’s statement at the Paris fashion week and immediately after unnerved Adidas.

Adidas had collaborated with the Yeezy shoe collection and faced pressure on social media and everywhere. The company issued a statement saying ‘After repeated efforts to privately resolve the situation, we have taken the decision to place the partnership under review.”

Kanye took to social media to respond to Adida’s statement ‘F— ADIDAS IAM ADIDAS ADIDAS RAPED AND STOLE MY DESIGNS.

On October 25 Adidas officially cut ties with Ye this was after conducting thorough reviews of the relationship. On termination of the contract, Adidas decided to cut the production of Yeezy line products and even stop payment to Ye and his companies.

Severed ties with GAP

The trouble with bao began in mid-September before the Paris fashion week. Ye took to his Instagram throwing shots a the retail company. He went ahead to give the company notice that he was going to terminate their contract.

This is the Instagram post he made ‘Notably, Gap does not dispute that it has failed for over two years to sell a single Product in a single Gap store, including any of its 500+ stories in America,” Ye also added “Nor does Gap dispute that it has failed for over two years to open a single dedicated store anywhere in the world.

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