Why Google Assistant is a Vital Technology in Your Life.

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By Selija Achaya

It is a great feature viral in android devices that helps you make phone calls, send texts, set reminders and get directions through voice commands, but now apple users can download google assistant on their devices from the app store. With an android phone, you tap on google assistant, but you have to open the app with an iPhone. Google’s virtual assistant can do very amazing things like reading articles on the web, screening your calls, making reservations, and finding your phone.

The five main google features

Screen your calls

If you always receive disturbing calls from unknown people or from people you don’t want to talk to, google assistant can help handle them as it helps screen the phone calls. To activate this, tap the screen call button that appears on the screen. Google’s assistant comes in handy by answering the call and providing a live conversation, and you have the option to jump in the conversation or hang up.

Avoid waiting on hold.

The assistant also minimizes the inconvenience by holding the line for you until a customer support assistant comes to your aid. To get this feature to install the latest version on your phone by google app, then select the three dots at the top and select setting ‘hold for me’ and then turn it on. When you place a call to a free toll support line, google assistant will hold the call for you. You will receive a vibration or a chime when a representative comes on the phone.

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Use your favorite apps by voice.

Google Assistant can open your installed apps, and you can request specific tasks as outlined by each app. Use google assistant on your Spotify app, like saying, ‘Hey Google, what is the trending album, artist, or song on Spotify today?

Read an article

You can ask Google assistant to read you an interesting article on the web, especially through the chrome browser. When you want to use this feature, say ‘Hey Google, open google assistant settings, swipe down the settings screen, tap general turn on the switch next to use screen context.use chrome to find an article on the web that you want to read aloud . Say hey, google read it, and google assistant will read it aloud.

Make a hotel reservation.

When you want to make a reservation at your favorite hotel, use Google Assistant to make a reservation; all you need to say is, ‘Hey Google, book me a table at a restaurant. Here you have to provide the restaurant name .you will receive a prompt to provide more details, like how many people, date, and time you want to eat. You can therefore follow the steps to book the reservation.

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