What is Malia Tate’s Real Name? Uncovering the Identity of Teen Wolf’s Shapeshifter

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By Andrew Fungai

Malia Tate is a character from the popular television series, Teen Wolf. She is known for her fierce personality and supernatural abilities. However, fans have been curious about her real name. Is Malia Tate her birth name or just a name she adopted?

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To answer this question, it is important to understand Malia’s backstory. In the show, Malia is introduced as a were-coyote who has been living in the woods for years. She was later revealed to be the daughter of Peter Hale and a woman named Corinne. Her birth name was Malia Hale, but she changed it to Malia Tate after leaving the woods and integrating into human society.

While Malia’s real name has been revealed in the show, some fans may still be unaware of this fact. It is interesting to note how the character’s name change reflects her journey from a feral creature to a human with a new identity.

Identity of Malia Tate

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Malia Tate is a popular character in the Teen Wolf series. She is a werewolf and a member of Scott’s pack. However, her real name was not revealed until later in the series.

Real Name Reveal

In Season 6, it is revealed that Malia’s real name is Malia Hale. She is the daughter of Peter Hale and his wife, who died in childbirth. Malia was believed to have died as well, but she survived and was raised by a family of coyotes.

The reveal of Malia’s true identity sheds new light on her character. It explains her connection to the Hale family and her desire to protect them. It also adds a new layer of complexity to her relationship with Peter, who is both her father and a villain in the series.

Significance in the Series

Malia’s real name reveal is significant to the overall plot of the series. It helps to tie up loose ends and explain some of the mysteries surrounding Malia’s character. It also adds depth to her relationships with other characters, particularly Peter and the rest of the Hale family.

Overall, the reveal of Malia’s real name is an important moment in the Teen Wolf series. It provides a satisfying conclusion to one of the show’s long-running mysteries and adds new layers of meaning to Malia’s character.

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Character Background

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Malia Tate is a fictional character from the television series “Teen Wolf.” She is portrayed as a strong and independent young woman who has faced many challenges in her life.

Early Life

Malia was born as Malia Hale, the daughter of Peter Hale and his wife, who died in childbirth. She was raised by her father until the age of nine when she and her family were involved in a car accident. Malia was the only survivor, and she was believed to have died in the crash. However, she had transformed into a werewolf, and she lived in the woods for eight years until she was eventually found by Scott McCall and his pack.

Transformation into a Were-coyote

Malia’s transformation into a werewolf was a traumatic experience for her. She was unable to control her powers and often lost control, causing harm to herself and others. It wasn’t until she met Stiles Stilinski that she was able to gain some control over her abilities. With his help, she learned how to shift back into her human form and how to control her powers.

Overall, Malia Tate’s character background is one of resilience and strength. Despite facing many challenges in her life, she has managed to overcome them and become a valuable member of the Teen Wolf pack.

Role in Teen Wolf

Malia Tate's real name is a mystery. A book with a hidden identity symbolizes her enigmatic past

Malia Tate is a character in the television series Teen Wolf. She is portrayed by actress Shelley Hennig. Malia was introduced in the show’s third season as a recurring character and was later promoted to a series regular in the fourth season.

Main Story Arcs

Malia’s main story arc in the show revolves around her discovering and adapting to her identity as a werecoyote. She was initially introduced as a mysterious character who had been missing for years and was later revealed to have been living as a coyote after a car accident that killed her family. Malia struggles with her identity and controlling her coyote instincts throughout the show, but ultimately learns to embrace her powers and use them to help her friends.

Character Development

Malia’s character development throughout the show is notable. She starts as a closed-off and emotionally distant character, but as she learns to trust and rely on her friends, she becomes more open and vulnerable. Malia’s relationships with other characters, particularly Stiles Stilinski, are a significant part of her character development. Her romantic relationship with Stiles is a fan favourite and is often cited as one of the show’s highlights.

Overall, Malia Tate’s character is a complex and compelling addition to the Teen Wolf universe. Her journey of self-discovery and acceptance is a significant part of the show’s overarching themes of identity and finding one’s place in the world.


Malia Tate is a fictional character from the TV series “Teen Wolf”. She is a were-coyote and a member of Scott McCall’s pack. Malia is portrayed as a tough and independent young woman who is still learning how to navigate the human world after being stuck in coyote form for eight years.

Actress Behind Malia Tate

The character of Malia Tate is portrayed by actress Shelley Hennig. Hennig is an American actress and model, best known for her roles in “Days of Our Lives”, “The Secret Circle” and “Teen Wolf”.

Hennig was born on January 2, 1987, in Metairie, Louisiana. She began her career as a model, winning the Miss Louisiana Teen USA title in 2004 and going on to compete in the Miss Teen USA pageant. She later transitioned to acting, landing her first major role as Stephanie Johnson on “Days of Our Lives” in 2007.

Hennig joined the cast of “Teen Wolf” in its third season, debuting as Malia Tate in 2014. Her portrayal of the character earned critical acclaim, with many praising her ability to bring depth and nuance to the role.

Overall, Shelley Hennig’s portrayal of Malia Tate has been a highlight of “Teen Wolf” and a testament to her talent as an actress.

Fan Reception and Impact


Malia Tate’s character in the television series “Teen Wolf” has gained a significant following among fans of the show. Her portrayal of a strong and independent female character has resonated with many viewers, particularly young women. Malia’s popularity is reflected in the numerous fan pages and social media accounts dedicated to her character.

Cultural Influence

Malia Tate’s character has had a notable impact on popular culture, particularly in the realm of cosplay. Many fans have created their Malia-inspired costumes and shared them on social media. Additionally, Malia’s character has been referenced in other television shows and movies, further cementing her place in popular culture.

Overall, Malia Tate’s real name may not be widely known, but her impact on popular culture and the Teen Wolf fandom is undeniable.

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