Tips To Consider When Getting a Baby Monitor

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By Selija Achaya

First-time parents are always paranoid about how to keep their newborns safe. They always know they have a responsibility of checking up on their child every time.

A new parent may be overwhelmed while keeping an eye on their baby, leading to them not getting their free time, and that’s disastrous it may lead to depression; that’s why baby monitors came to help parents get to have their free time and check up on their baby.

Here is a guide on types, factors, and best examples of baby monitors

Types of baby monitors

There are three types of baby monitors parents can choose from

Audio monitors are the most affordable baby monitors on the market. They only give you one function of listening in on your baby.

Video monitors; with video monitors, you can check on what your baby is doing. You will notice if they are awake or if well covered or check if they look well. Most parents opt for these.

Baby movement monitors; They are the best baby monitors but a bit expensive. The baby monitor tracks a baby’s movement checks a baby’s vitals like breathing, heart rate, and oxygen saturation, and tells you the room temperature if the room is cold or hot.

Factors to consider when buying a baby monitor

Portability; the baby monitor has to be portable. You can travel with it anywhere you go, even when you go on vacation.

Battery life; it should have a sustainable battery life to avoid instances of it going off.

Range; you should be able to monitor your child even if you are a little bit far like you can monitor your child even when you are at a grocery store nearby.

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Wireless encryption; should be safe from being hacked.No one has to tap into your monitor to see your baby and even house layout.

Specialized features; Choose a baby monitor depending on how or what function you are interested in, either video, audio, or one to check your baby’s vitals.

Budget; choose a baby monitor with a price range within your budget.One you can comfortably afford without a strain on your budget.


Baby monitors are a great investment for first-time parents; it blocks the anxiety they always go through as it’s a new phase of their life. Look up baby monitors and choose one that’s suitable for you.

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