The Top Soundtracks for the 2022 Worldcup

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By Selija Achaya

The much-awaited world cup tournament is about to start. This is after many negotiations, especially with the covid 19 pandemic that shocked the world no one had the science of it and it was killing many people. It is also hosted in Qatar a desert country that had to make preparations to make the stadiums hospitable for players and fans from all over the world.

As per the world cup tradition we have had the theme song and soundtrack for the tournament.In 2010 Shakira released the Song waka waka.In 2014 Pitbull released the soundtrack we are one Ole ola and in 2018 was Live it up by Nicky Jam ft Will smith and Era Istrefi.

This is going to be among the best world cup tournament held in history. We have amazing and talented players to watch. Lionel Messi for Argentina, Christiano Ronaldo playing for Portugal, and Kylian Mbappe for France. They will be playing for their nations and each player is going to work hard so their team wins.

The 2022 world cup in Qatar is no different FIFA has announced there will be 6 soundtracks but only 4 have been released.

The official soundtracks for the FIFA World Cup 2022

The official soundtrack for the World Cup 2022 currently comprises of four songs out of the expected 6. They are as follows:

The World Is Yours to Take – Lil Baby, Tears for Fears

This is the first official song for the 2022 WorldCup.It is produced by Atlanta-born rapper Lil Baby who has featured the 80s band Tears for Fears with a sample from the hit song Everybody wants to Rule the World.

Arhbo – Ozuna, GIMS, RedOne

This is the second song for the world cup. It is unique too as it’s sung in Arabic by Ozuna , Gims, and Redone

Hayya Hayya (Better Together) – Trinidad Cardona, Davido, Aisha

The song is amazing.It has an African artist Davido from Nigeria who added in the African flavour.

Light The Sky – Nora Fatehi, Rahma Riad, Manal, RedOne

This is a song you will on Youtube.FIFA has all the rights to it.


The FIFA World Cup tournament is going to bring the world together. It’s a time to be united through sports. You do not need to be in Qatar to experience it.

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