The City of Kisumu

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Kisumu City is the third largest City in Kenya.

This is after Nairobi and Mombasa. It is also the sixth largest City in East Africa.

It follows Dar es salaam Tanzania, Kampala Uganda and Kigali Rwanda.

Kisumu Infrastructure

Kisumu boasts of having the Sixth largest airport in East Africa.

The Largest Lake port and a Railway terminus.

The Name comes from the neighbouring tribes. Who called the area meaning a place of food.

Kisumu in other tribes

In Kalenjin the word Kisumet means a place where food is found;

When their is scarcity, in Kisii Egesumu also means a place rich in food.

In Luyha Khusuma means going to a place to get food.

Kisumu’s Renaming

While in Dhuluo, Kisumo means a place where there is food.

When British Colonialist came it was renamed to “Port Florence”.

The name was however reverted back.

Kisumu City Social Grounds

Kisumu’s other prides

It also boasts of its skyline, with the tallest building being Mega plaza 2.

Which towers 207 feet high, other sky crappers include:

Mega plaza 1- 200 feet high, Huduma centre 198 feet high;

Kisumu’s Economic Activities

UoN Kisumu towers 178 feet high with over twenty structures, crossing the 150 feet.

The City’s biggest economic activity is its industries;

With the Textile industry being the biggest. It’s home to the Tuffoam mattress;

Kisumu home to Ship Building

And also home to the Shipyard Company; that locally manufacturers Ships for export.

The City is a Cosmopolitan area with Kenyans of Indian origin;

Having a substantial population in the region, including producing the current MP of the area.

Kisumu City Central Business District

Kisumu’s Global Influence

Who has served for three consecutive terms; and was before that the Mayor of Kisumu City.

Kisumu has produced international figures like President Barrack Obama;

Whose father traces his roots to the City.

Kisumu’s Population

Oscar Award winner Mrs. Lupita Nyong’o, whose father is the current Governor of the County.

It has a population of 670,000 individuals. And a GDP of approximately 5-8 billion USD.

Winston Churchill is said to have paid a visit to the City in 1907.

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