Takeoff’s Supposed Killer Is Pleading To ‘Self-Defense’ In Murder Case

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By Andrew Fungai

Takeoff’s alleged killer plans to use ‘self-defense’ in the rapper’s ongoing murder case, despite allegedly trying to obtain fake plane tickets and an expedited passport to flee the country.

Patrick Clark’s Attorney Statement on Takeoff’s shooting

These facts were made public during a court proceeding on Wednesday (December 15), where lawyers for Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, said they were putting together a “valid and meritorious” case to support their client’s claim that he shot the Migos hitmaker in self-defense.

Following the hearing, one of Clark’s attorneys, Letitia Quinones, stated, “We are certain that Mr. Clark will have a viable and meritorious claim for self-defense when the time is ripe.” Although she withheld further information, she did imply that Clark only opened fire after being shot at first. This disputes the police’s assertion that Clark fired the opening shot.

State District Judge Josh Hill initially hesitated to grant Clark’s attorneys’ request to lower his bond from $2 million to $100,000 because he thought he may flee. Clark’s “Google searches for false tickets raise me a tremendous lot of concern,” Hill continued.

In other testimony at the court, Houston Police Sgt. Michael Burrow stated that after Clark’s arrest, a scan of his cell phone revealed that he had conducted online searches for bogus airline tickets.

Investigators also noted that they found several searches for news articles about the shooting and whether he had been called a suspect on his cell phone. He was, in my opinion, getting ready to leave the nation, Burrow added.

This was refuted by Quinones, who said that her client had just postponed a previously scheduled trip to Mexico prior to being detained and that on the day of his detention, he had been looking for a place to live in the neighborhood.

Quinones said she hopes Hill reduces Clark’s bond to $300,000 since anything higher cannot be paid by Clark’s family. Quinones said Hill ultimately agreed to cut Clark’s bond from $2 million to $1 million.

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Prosecution’s Statement

In response, the prosecution presented a phone call Clark made to his family while in custody, in which he said $2 million “can be made right now.”

They also claimed that Clark’s lifestyle as a DJ at nightclubs probably indicated he had a sizeable sum of money saved aside, but Quinones dismissed this argument as the mere “talking and talking too much” of a young guy.

On November 1, Takeoff was shot and died in front of a Houston bowling alley. An affidavit claims that the shooting happened after Quavo was defended by a fistfight during a “lucrative” dice game.

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