Ruto’s new plot to lure Raila’s MPs

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Gachagua to Haji: Free all those framed by Uhuru (Sunday Nation, November 13, 2022) – Analysis

These newspaper headlines show how low Kenyan leaders have gone; in human net worth. These are President and Deputy President.

The President is immersed in perennial political campaigns; when his human subjects are starving after millions of livestock have died.

Need for a strong opposition

He says UDA needs a strong opposition; to keep his government on its toes. To provide oversight of UDA performance.

Yet, he does the opposite by meeting opposition legislators; and Governors to lure them to his corner for numbers to counter what he preaches.

He does the opposite of what he says. Gachagua is on record that he would recover his frozen billions; when UDA wins the presidency and build real estate.

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Tirades against Kinoti

Ruto had tirades against Kinoti. The latter had to give way after Ruto triumphed. The DPP Haji panicked and withdrew rape, economic crimes and murder cases; against Ruto’s nominees to the Cabinet.

They were all appointed to their dockets. The DP’s Ksh. 7.4 billion fraud case and others have been withdrawn.

He’s now pushing Haji to extend the freedom to other UDA luminaries; facing criminal cases so that it’s not seen that he’s the only beneficiary of the freedom.

Perennial Campaigns

On Ruto’s perennial campaigns; Government consists of Legislature, Executive and Judiciary branches. Parliament is the first arm of government.

It doesn’t have front and back benchers. It’s a bipartisan Chamber of majority and minority leadership; and close ranks on matters of national importance.

It doesn’t make sense that Legislators; claim to join government when lured. It’s a show of lack of ideologies in political parties, which is unconstitutional.

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Plea to Haji

On Gachagua’s plea to Haji, the DPP prosecutes persons after analyzing the strength of the evidence with high probability of convinction.

Haji declined to prosecute many cases, claiming DCI’s inadequate evidence to sustain charges. The ones he filed like those of Gachagua, Jumwa and Linturi; had passed the litmus test.

Withdrawal of the cases is by intimidation. Haji should resign after losing his independence.


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