Is starving yourself a sure weight loss regime?

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By Selija Achaya

When one is looking for an effective, faster, and cheaper way of losing weight they mostly opt for starving themselves. But is starving yourself the best way to lose weight?

What is starving? Starving yourself is the process of depriving yourself of food for an extended period of time. Or having a very limited intake of food that is significantly below your body’s daily calories.

Here is why starving yourself should never be included in all your practices to lose weight.

Your metabolism slows down

With long-term calorie deprivation, your body tends to use its fat stores as the main source of energy. Long calorie deprivation results in reducing in resting metabolic rate mostly through (metabolic adaptation. This results in your body not burning calories in an effort to preserve as much energy as possible.

Your body works less effectively

When you starve yourself to too many calories or are restricted for a long time and your body might begin to prioritize essential bodily functions like breathing and your heart rate.

It may slow down other body processes like immunity, skin health, and bone development. Your body sees that those other processes and functions are not important

Lead to mental health issues

Starvation can lead to one having mental issues. This happens when one takes up starving as a dieting practice one may develop eating disorders like anorexia.

Anorexia Nervosa an eating disorder that makes one be obsessed with their weight, what they eat, restricting what they eat, and even excess exercise. This is a condition that one can struggle with for a long and it’s not easy for one to recover from that.

How to easily lose weight easily with 6 healthy practices

Weight loss is not something that will happen overnight without effort. Organize yourself and these six tips will come in handy.


Losing weight is not easy. Having self-esteem is essential for your weight loss journey. Listen less to what others say or think. At every small achievement celebrate yourself.

Take every compliment positively, and don’t look back on achieving your goal.

Healthy Diet

Exercises are essential to keep you fit. However, it is crucial to watch what you eat.

Avoid junk foods such as hydrogenated oil, processed meats like sausages, highly-sugar-enriched foods like cakes and biscuits, and those foods containing artificial ingredients. Cut off carbonated drinks like soda from your diet instead go for home-blended fruit juices.

Reduce your carbohydrate intake instead opt for lots of green leafy vegetables and lean meat and white meat . And also include fruits they do wonders.

Drinking lots of water

Human bodies need enough water for physical and mental fitness. Drinking enough water reduces fatigue and enhances the well-functioning of the brain.

Taking lots of water improves your body’s metabolic rate and lowers food cravings.Our daily water intake is estimated at 8 glasses per day.

You need to replace energy drinks with water as they lack nutritional value to keep you fit and healthy.

Enough sleep

To have a refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed brain and body, one has to get a good sleep. A good night’s sleep of up to 8 hours is recommended.

Having a regular sleeping pattern is one of the rules when one wants to lose weight. To get yourself that dream body, you need to boost your metabolism through enough sleep. Your skin also needs rest.


Exercise is also a very important component, especially for your weight loss regime. Exercise includes walking, jogging, lifting weights, swimming and cardio.

With walking ensure you take some steps while going or coming back from work, going to the shop, or nature walk. Walking can help you cut back on that unwanted weight.

Some of these exercises like dancing and swimming can even be your hobbies and doing something you love as a weight loss practice is highly motivating.

Sign up for the gym or you can outline your home exercise time and adhere to it.

Living a stress-free life

Find a way of relieving your stress. Stress, while you are on a weight loss regime, is detrimental. As it negatively impacts body functionality by interfering with food metabolism and digestion.

Sometimes when people are stressed they tend to stress eat hence increasing their calorie intake, which translates to weight gain.

You can engage in reading, dancing, meditation, exercises, aromatherapy, yoga, and much more as this will relax and keep your mind engaged.


Consistency is required especially when you want to loose weight.There will be low days when you will feel like giving up,dont give up.Clean eating and exercising will get you there.

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