Breeds Of Dogs That Are the Laziest

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By Andrew Fungai

Looking for a dog who prioritizes cuddle time over leash time? Consider these adorable lazy breeds who comprehend the value of a lazy afternoon on the couch.

These dog types are suitable for even busy owners and they are usually of low levels.

The breeds of dogs considered “couch potatoes”

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a small dog breed that was developed as a companion dog.

They have always enjoyed being around people. Nothing makes them happier than spending time with their master, mostly just chilling.

A brisk stroll around the block will keep these small dogs active and their joints healthy.

Shih Tzus are classified as lazy dogs when compared to other small dogs, despite having a more laid-back personality.


The Pekingese, like the Shih Tzu, was raised as a lap dog for royalty. The Pekingese, with its compact, stocky frame and “adorably squashed face,” as Dr. Scott puts it, is not well adapted to high-energy activity—or much activity at all. Instead, the Pekingese spends the majority of its day napping, and it only needs 20 minutes of physical exercise per day (and that includes a walk to relieve itself).


The Newfoundland is another large dog that “isn’t extremely active,” according to Dr. Brooks. “They’re these slobbering goofballs who could swim all day but are just as happy to spend the day snuggling on the sofa,” Hembree observes. But, as Dr. Wooten points out, it’s not so much that Newfies are lazy as they are giant and hairy, making it difficult for them to control their body temperature. As a result, they manage appropriately.”

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Saint Benard

Saint Bernards are best known for their mountain rescues, as they are capable of locating almost anyone.

This breed excels at spending long periods in the weather. In the coldest conditions, their double coat, which can be long or short, keeps them dry and warm.

If you live in a warm climate, consider twice about getting this breed because they may struggle to adjust.

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is most likely a breed you anticipated see on this list.

They are typically laid-back dogs who enjoy socializing not only with humans but also with other dogs.

Basset Hounds are the first to join the search and are eager to please and relax.

These well-known dogs are probably best known for their beautiful long and floppy ears, but don’t be deceived by their cuteness—they have fierce noses.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is an excellent breed for owners who don’t mind having a dog who prefers to claim one place as their own and rest.

This breed isn’t fast enough to pursue a ball, but they are quick to rest, most likely on their back.

They also snore a lot, so you can typically find them sleeping and snoring in the backyard or the living room.

Because they have flattened faces, you should be especially cautious during the summer or when the humidity is high.

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French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are true city dogs who appreciate nothing more than a stroll through the most vibrant city areas.

They are small and easy to blend into even the most densely populated cities. They are also huge people who enjoy clowning around.

Because French Bulldogs do not require much physical activity, a brisk walk around the block should suffice.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs may appear to be ready for action at any moment, but they are large couch potatoes.

They are technically working dogs, but unless they are set in the mountains hauling carts, they will simply chill.

If you live in a warmer environment, be cautious during hot days and provide a cool spot for your Bernese Mountain Dog to cool off.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is not a breed for inexperienced dog owners.

Tibetan Mastiffs are only suggested for experienced dog owners who are familiar with giant and physically powerful dogs.

These massive canines are regarded as excellent protectors.

They were originally bred to protect homes and other locations in the Himalayas, spending most of their time outside. This is why they are calm and peaceful, and why they are used to watching while resting.

When they are in the exercise state, they become more active and may even exhibit their independence.

Guarding canines are prone to having their minds. After all, they were bred to think for themselves and move on their own when necessary.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow may have a bear-like appearance, but they are not slow to respond. They make excellent guard dogs and are wary of outsiders.

No stranger or unusual circumstance can escape their trained eye.

Chow Chows are best known for their bear-like appearance and fluffy hair, which requires constant grooming and styling.

Little is known about them, but they are very stubborn and dislike being disturbed when they are relaxing.

Originally, they are reserved and quiet canines with cat-like personalities.


Pugs are well-liked city pets.

They are tiny, compact, and easy to transport.

Did you realize that Pugs are one of the oldest living dog breeds? These small-size canines were originally bred to be companion dogs, and they remain loyal to their original purpose.

They are huge people who are people pleasers, excellent with children, and can easily adapt to any type of living environment.

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