Boosie Badazz Says Jay-Z’s Music Is No Longer “Relevant”

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By Andrew Fungai

Boosie Badazz does not believe JAY-Z is relevant to today’s Hip Hop culture – at least not for his music.

The Banton Rogue stated that Hov’s songs no longer have the same cultural significance as they once did because they are no longer played in public places, especially in the clubs in his current city of Atlanta.

He stated, “I don’t think JAY-Z is relevant today for music. When I visit these 25 to 35 clubs in Atlanta, neither JAY-Z nor Nas are playing. I’m in the city, I’m outside, I will be everywhere! Every club I go to, it’s not one or the other! I’m telling you that it’s not either/or. “

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Badazz continued by saying that JAY-Z only attracts attention these days due to his astute business decisions.

“These people respect Jay-Z for being such a boss, he said. When that young n-ggas see JAY-Z, “it’s something with $1 billion, it’s something with $500 billion, it’s something with $200 billion,” he said.

“It’s not his tunes that are trending on social media. It’s his drive. That n-gga is a hustler! No, I’m not going to state that I hear JAY-Z in the club but again not Nas.”

Boosie Badazz Comments

Boosie shrugged it off and reiterated his claim that even among older groups, JAY-Z and Nas aren’t getting club spins. “I’m telling you the truth, bro!” he declared emphatically.

Boosie’s remarks came only a few days after he questioned Nas’ relevance in modern Hip Hop, claiming in another footage of their talk, “For him to be receiving a Grammy, he still has relevance in his era, for sure.” I don’t think he’s relevant in today’s world.”

“Nas is what, 50-something?” he added. When you get up there, you’ve got to comprehend his fanbase – half of them are dead!”

Fans believe Nas responded to 21 Savage’s “Not Relevant” remarks.VIDEO/CREDIT

The discussion over Nas’ present status in the rap game was spurred by statements made by 21 Savage during a Clubhouse call last month, shortly after the Queensbridge MC’s latest album King’s Disease 3 was released.

“I don’t think he’s relevant,” he admitted. “He isn’t. He simply has a devoted fan following and continues to produce excellent music. But is it relevant? Nah.”

“I would never insult Nas or any icon that paved the road for me y’all be tryna steal anything and run with it,” the Her Loss hitmaker later said on Twitter.

Following criticism from Hit-Boy, Kodak Black, Fivio Foreign, and others, 21 Savage teamed up with Nas earlier this week for a new track titled “One Mic, One Gun.” The song finds the two Grammy-winning MCs putting on a public show of unity while bridging Hip Hop’s persistent generational divide.


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