Amazing games for your friends and family during the Christmas holidays.

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By Selija Achaya

The Christmas holiday is coming up. It’s a time when family and friends get time to meet and hang out. Here you need to plan ahead for the activities you will have together to kick off boredom. Are you looking for interesting games to play with your friends and relatives this long Christmas holiday? Hangouts with your friends and relatives on this holiday are a guarantee of an amazing weekend. And hence need to find a way to keep them entertained and happy.

Here is a list of fun games to play with your friends and family this coming Christmas.

 1. Dice Game

This popular dice game is a reliable classic for something more old-fashioned. Each game includes three specially-marked dice and 24 chips, with players rolling the dice to determine where to pass their chips.

To win, a player has to retain the chips at the end of the game. It’s fast-paced, easy to pick up, and a definite crowd-pleaser.

2.20 questions

Each player on a piece of paper has to write down the first verse or the chorus of their favorite song.

Put the paper in a bucket or tin. Each person has to pick one piece of paper from the tin and guess the lyrics that follow.

3. Try not to sing challenge. 

You have to create a new song playlist and have everyone add their favorite sing-along songs.

Gather around and listen to part of each of the chosen songs while trying not to join in along. It’s a simple game but more complex than it sounds.

4. Fill the cup challenge

This is a game that requires your total attention. But guarantees you a lot of fun, especially when you are with your friends. You need to have an empty plastic cup and another with water.

You can take turns filling the empty cup with water, and the challenge becomes intense at the end when the empty cup is almost full. One has to be careful not to fill the cup as the player who makes the cup overflow is in for doing anything other players request.

5. Guess the lyric challenge.

Each player on a piece of paper has to write down the first verse or the chorus of their favorite song.

Put the paper in a bucket or tin. Each person has to pick one piece of paper from the tin and guess the lyrics that follow.

6. Never have I ever

Never have I ever is a great game as it’s an icebreaker. You can go all in

with friends and make the game as intimate as possible. You can sit with your friends in a circle, and each player has to say something they have never done.

For example, never have I eaten food cooked with coconut, and never have I ever drunk alcohol or smoked pot.

. The player who never raises their finger to all the suggestions wins the game.

7. Tug of war

Tug of war is an exhilarating outdoor game. You can play the game in your backyard. All you need is a rope and divide your group of friends into two teams with evenly matched abilities.

Ensure the rope has a knot in the middle to act as the separation barrier and place objects you want to use as flags on both sides.

Let the friends start pulling the rope. The team that gets to the tied knot fast becomes the winner.

8. Truth or Dare

It is a pretty known game for people of all age groups. The game has simple rules, and the game guarantees unlimited fun. You will need to sit your friends in a circle on the floor and the bottle at the center.

One player has to spin the bottle, ad if the mouth of the bottle points at you have to select either truth or dare. Once they choose truth, they will be asked a question by the other players, which they must answer truthfully. If they choose to dare, they have to perform the task other players request them to do.

9. Bowling

Bowling is one of the best games you can play with friends and family. It’s interesting, fun, challenging, and a great way to socialize. 

bowling is the best as it’s a game you can go for during any weather. The best bowling place in Kenya must be the Two rivers Mall in Nairobi.

It is also a suitable game for all age groups. 

10. Bucketball

Family and friends hanging out should not be boring and the bucketball is here to make sure of that. You can take your six or more plastic buckets and small balls equal to the number of plastic buckets.

Here two team players from the two teams take turns attempting to land the ball in one of their opponent’s buckets. When a player lands the ball in one of the buckets, it is removed from the play area.

A team wins when their player eliminates all their opponent’s cups.

11. Whisper words

this is a nice game to play with your friends. It does not require much. You just have to line up your friends (players (in a line.

The first player says something to the second [layer It can be a sentence or even one word. The second player tells the third player and the circle continues until the last player has to say what they heard. If the last player says the word the first player sad then they have both won the game.


Make the hangout between your friends and family this Christmas memorable.

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